An instrument that is a compass & why I love it

There are so many instruments out there to use for developing teams, unearthing human potential, working at great execution plans and affecting the bottom line. Most of these instruments (free or paid for) are each effective in their own way. Most of my peers and associates use a combination of instruments. After years of working with various ways of designing training and development, coaching and facilitating workshops, here is my 2 cents and my sense of what I value.

Long-lasting value of an instrument

It is important to have an instrument that evaluates not only an event or moment or individual but has the depth to reveal more and more insight as the individual or team desires to grow. Finding an instrument that can be used over time, applied again and again in different ways is not easy. Most have an immediate reaction factor and thereafter you can hardly remember what you were seen as, or described as. A valuable and powerful instrument will be one that you can delve deeper into over time, and find ongoing value and revelation that surfaces and new provides new deliveries and applications to refresh your growth path. This is what I know about the HBDI ®

  • Great return or the investment, quality and allocated resources. The validity of the instrument is apparent.

  • Process of engagement and application can be determined for best results and best practices

  • The right people will be placed on the right seats on the bus

  • Breakthrough is inevitable when ongoing and new value is harvested from your potential


An instrument and its outcome that points to immediate and easy application are both impressive and useful. When it allows you to take away an understanding that you will probably never forget and start a new proposal immediately, design a team, relook at your project plan, evaluate your bottom line in the short term with a new understanding. Such an influential product will show its worth in the short term. I have experienced, and so have my clients, this exceptional value of the HBDI ®

  • Clarity of objectives can be determined quick and with ease

  • Organization of systems and planning will underpin and create a standard

  • Diverse human potential will be deployed – inventory of talent, purposeful communication

  • Future will seem very bright, with ongoing stretching into new territory


An instrument that provides a framework and language for a whole organization or team to grasp and base many of their functions and communication on; designing a frontline strategy, choosing a task team, customer satisfaction operations, designing an onboarding process for new employees, performance appraising – and the list goes on. If there was a single framework to make all of these processes naturally fit and align, rather than a separate philosophy for each aspect, it will be more succinct and accessible to all who intersect and engage. I can only rate the HBDI ® as the one instrument that allows this in a short timeframe with a slow release of results.

  • Measurable expenditure on specific goals

  • Aligned Implementation plans for all projects

  • Diverse teams

  • Out of the box, beneficial foresight. Cultural impact on organizational values and vision

I have had the joy and privilege of seeing many teams grow and mature in their purposes and reach outcomes, individuals unearth new potential, teams find diverse strengths, bottom lines change positively. I would love to share this with you and uncover the authentic value (in terms of payoff, process, people, and possibilities) for you or your organization.

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