Let's face it, we all have blindspots!

Sometimes we live life unable to break out of the comfortable and familiar surroundings or habits that keep us from functioning at our optimum potential. We cruise along at full speed, fulfilling the prophecy "it's insanity to do the same things and expect different results". We default into the blindness, pacified by our comfort of not changing or not realizing the need to become "unstuck".

The act of seeing when blind - calls for a miracle, yet we learn to function from our blind spot perspective, and confidently believe it is 20/20 vision. Observing that we all have things not visible to us, yet screaming loudly to others, provides a mammoth opportunity for our own personal growth.

Seeking and paging through the many tools and techniques out there, to provide feedback for growth, coincided with the launch of my own consultancy and the introduction of a very neat tool for my toolbox. This tool or HBDI® APP provides a mirror to look into and see what possibly happens when, for example, I am "under pressure". It provides a suggestion, in my hand-palm, on my iPhone! When working through these areas, I realize some have not been visible to me in years or at all, making it harder and harder to see and feel or hear any feedback.

A little about feedback; or our individual willingness to hear back about what others see in us, or become aware of, about us. It would seem as if we as human beings are far more eager to share our opinions about others than we are to hear their insights about us. Be encouraged – the most growth you could ever desire comes by inviting this trusted feedback – it boosts our personal and professional progress! Now, that is exciting, right? In the process of inviting feedback in, the views others have of us, the insights they experience because of a different vantage point – can bring some great wins that we gain along the way. A great way for us to stop the cycle of insanity!

When we realize that we too, like everyone else, by the way, have room for growth and none of us are perfect, it creates a sense of humility that can make us incredible people. Or if our view is the exact opposite, we will remain tremendously arrogant and self-righteous. I know in all the writing and talking about leadership or at least about becoming a flourishing partner or parent, arrogance as a trait, has not been on the most wanted list recently! So open yourself up to some good feedback, it's a great ego-killer and sure pathway to internal growth; embrace the areas you show a lack in or misplace your confidence in or merely miscommunicate. Or comfort yourself with whichever excuse you choose (tongue in cheek)! Let's stay focused on the issue at hand – feedback provides instant and growing health as we begin to see more than just our perspective, which often echoes so loudly inside our own heads, a self-sealing ‘reality'! The more we open ourselves up to feedback, the more we realize how much we need to do this! We learn to listen more attentively, be more thankful for the small things in life, and actually notice more about others around us, and find ourselves being more accepting of others' shortcomings, celebrate with greater gusto the strengths in others and the list goes on, as we make our way to more productive teams and effective individuals.

This great feedback tool I have discovered is based on your personal HBDI® profile. Referring to the Whole Brain® model, as the metaphor for our thinking, we can roughly identify with our main thinking preferences.

For example a person who has a strong preference in Quadrant B [green], flourishes when organizing, sequencing and planning out the details. This person could be working with someone who has a strong thinking preference in Quadrant D [yellow], who is a big-picture thinker, more intuitive and integrating, with vision as their core thinking mode.

The ‘under pressure' profile of each person is unique, and cannot be based on or deduced from your profile. That is the power of this APP mentioned before. Each individual's ‘under pressure' profile is described in a detailed and specific way, with tips on what to do when you find yourself in those circumstances, thus a just-in-time feedback tool.

Let's imagine Mr. Green has an ‘under pressure' profile that indicates that his Red profile lowers when stressed. Quadrant C [red] is representative of personalized, feeling based, kinesthetic and emotional thinking. Mr. Green's ‘under pressure' profile indicates that his more direct style in these moments, shuts others down and thus discourages participation, buy-in or engagement, as he is super concerned about the execution and closure of the task at hand, so much so, he does not allow any further (even smart) ideas into the process. This can become an obstacle to him, a blind spot. How incredible would it be if this profile is accessible on his phone, in his hand palm and he can refer to the course corrections he can make ‘right-on-time', to still ensure that the goal is achieved, despite his own typical pressure responses. Now that's great feedback!

One more example and then I will invite you to do your own GUESTIMATE that could be a first step in getting objective feedback. The HBDI® APP will help you further in getting that accurate feedback and support you in achieving the goals you have set out to, without getting in your own way!

So Ms. Yellow has an ‘under pressure' profile that causes her ‘yellow' to increase even more when she is stressed. She starts proposing new ideas and changes and focuses on the big picture to an even larger degree so that the detail and task at hand are lost. She resists any policies or procedures set to help ensure the goals are achieved, and this causes more pressure. What a great ‘genie-in-the-bottle' to call into action if this is her reality, her HBDI® APP could give her the just-in-time feedback, that she needs, help with priorities and clarity and this will support her to position this step she is struggling with, as ‘phase one' so that her team can move forward and changes can be made later if needs be. Win-win! The on-the-job coach in your hand-palm has as many unique tips and suggestions as there are unique Thinking Preference® profiles. Learning to like the genie-in-a-bottle yet? Powerful feedback literally at your fingertips!

Keen to know more about Thinking Preferences® and your ‘under pressure’ profile?

Click here for your FREE 'Guestimate' profile: http://www.sharonvanniekerk.com/guestimate

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